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The Plantation Course
19 Fairway Drive
Edisto Beach, SC 29438
Telephone: (843) 869-1111

Welcome to our little part of the world. In a well hidden and protected spot in the center of South Carolina’s coastal Low Country, rests Edisto Island. We are unlike our neighbors to the north, Kiawah and Seabrook, and our friends, Fripp and Hilton Head to the south. We’re rich in history, wildlife, and natural beauty while maintaining a strong position to resist change that is not beneficial to our community. The absence of noise, traffic lights, congestion, and commercialism appeals to residents and visitors alike. A visit to Edisto is certain to win your approval provided you enjoy a laid back and relaxed lifestyle. The sole golf course on the island enjoys an interesting history dating back to its origin in 1973. Originally known as 'Oristo' and later as 'The Edisto Beach Golf Club', the course takes pride in its new name…. ‘The Plantation Course at Edisto’. After completing a total renovation of the course in 2006 and moving into our new Pro Shop in May 2007, we can insure that your golfing experience will be enjoyable and memorable. We hope the following preview will be helpful to you in making your plans for a visit to Edisto and The Plantation Course in the near future.

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